Mohsin Jameel tells you about 15 Celebrities who have Invested in Cryptos

Do you feel that cryptos are only used and accepted by computer geeks and tech nerds? Well, it used to be that way, but no more! Guess what; cryptos are now very well main stream. And, it won’t be too long before your grandparents are investing in altcoins.

And, did you know that several celebrity investors have won big in the crypto industry? And, what more, these ton-gun celebrities are even voicing their support for cryptocurrencies and are pushing them into the public sphere.

Here, in this post, Mohsin Jameel tells you about the top celebrity investors who have made handsome returns and are bullish on cryptos right now.

1      1. Ashton Kutcher

Decades ago, when he first appeared on the big screen, he was considered nothing but yet another handsome dude wooing the pretty ladies on screen. Fast forward to 2018; he’s one of the most influential investors today (having funded Uber, Airbnb,and several other successful companies).
He wears many hats – business tycoon, UN ambassador against human trafficking, doting father, loving husband and more.
Kutcher’s association with cryptos started way back in 2014 when he invested largely in BitBay and showed interest in Ethereum. Apart from this, he is also spreading cryptos far and wide, both on his Twitter and Facebook pages.
Sources state that Kutcher has invested over 12 million dollars in cryptos and has seen some impressive returns.

         2. Bill Gates

Gates needs no introduction. The richest man in the world for years and the charismatic founder of the Microsoft Corporation is one of the many tech geeks who has invested in cryptos. Bill Gates even stated that digital currencies are way better than regular government-backed currencies.
Gates along with his influential philanthropic friends have invested around 170 billion dollars in bitcoin to save the environment.

      3. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

The famous duo who sued and won against Mark Zuckerberg. They claimed that Mark stole the idea for Facebook from them and was able to get 65 million dollars in settlement.
They, then went on to invest this amount in bitcoin, when it was just around $120. Last year, when Bitcoin’s value soared to $11,000, they were very fortunate and became the world’s first “Bitcoin Billionaires.”

4    4. Gwyneth Paltrow

She is not just a blockbuster movie star, but also a savvy businesswoman. She is an advisor for the Abra app, a bitcoin-based wallet and has been quite vocal in her support for digital currencies.
       5. Mel B

Millennials won’t remember this member of the rock band, The Spice Girls. But, am sure that you would have seen her, as a judge, on the hit TV show, America’s Got Talent.
She has been advocating the benefits of cryptos for quite a long time now. Even before smart contracts were widely known, she has been backing digital currencies. Also, she’s the first music idol to start accepting payments in digital currency. She believes that cryptos are the way forward, and she believes it helps her connect with her vast fan base, spread across the planet.

6     6. Mike Tyson

This boxing champ has seen it all. He made tons of fortune only to lose it and then win it back. The same goes for his fame. It’s always up and down.
Mike Tyson has endorsed the world’s first bitcoin ATM and has been supporting it since 2015.

7     7. Nas

Nas is one of the pop music idols of America. A hip-hop rapper, recording artist and actor, Nas along with his manager Aymen Anthony Saleh has invested over 25 million dollars in Bitcoin, using the coinbase wallet.
Not just bitcoin, Nas has also invested in 40 other startups in the crypto space. He even stated in an interview that “investing in digital currencies is the future.”

8    8. Amitabh Bachchan

India’s all-time mega superstar and versatile actor, along with his son, Abhishek Bachchan has invested over $250,000 in digital currencies over the last two years. But, it isn’t publicly known whether the Big B was able to make profits out of it and if yes, how much.

9    950 Cent

Curtis James Jackson (popularly known as 50 Cent) is an American singer, rapper, actor and entrepreneur investor. For his album, Animal Ambition, released in 2014, he accepted bitcoins as payments.

      10. Snoop Dogg

He is one of the latest celebrity investors to show interest in digital currencies. During a popular event, the company behind Sparkle coins presented him with 1500 of their tokens (worth approximately around $55,000).
Snoop Dog then donated this amount to the Snoop Youth Football League, a charity organization that works with kids aged between five to thirteen. In 2013, he even announced that he was interested in accepting digital currencies as payments for his music.

      11. Richard Branson

Founder of the famous Virgin group and popular British billionaire, Sir Richard Branson has also shown interest in digital currencies. Sources state that Richard Branson has invested over 30 million dollars in Bitcoin.
Currently, the Virgin group is funding the research of an Atlanta-based start-up, the Bitpay.
       12. DJ Khaled

Hip-hop legend, DJ Khaled is another well-known crypto enthusiast. Recently, he came under fire for having supported a scam ICO by the name, Mayweather. He regularly posts videos and shares posts, on how to store cryptocurrencies and how to use different ones.

13. Jamie Foxx

The Oscar-winning star is currently backing the recently launched altcoin, Cobinhood. He is known for the smart choices he has been making in the crypto space.

14.  Lionel Messi

The world-famous footballer is one of the most famous crypto investors. He spreads his views and opinions about crypt currencies on social media. With over 90 million followers, he is undoubtedly one of the most influential celebrity investors. He is the one backing Sirin Labs, a blockchain startup.

15. Jered Kenna

This former US Marine is one of the most popular bitcoin millionaires. He has over $30 million in bitcoins. And, what more, he started investing in bitcoins when they were selling at just 20 cents per coin.

The Last words by Mohsin Jameel

Apart from these 15 famous crypto investors listed here, several others are trading and investing in digital currencies from across the world. So, if you assumed that cryptos are only for tech geeks, then it’s time to put those thoughts to rest.

Are you ready to get started with cryptos just like your favorite role models?


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