10 Incredible Benefits that make MT4 the World’s Most Popular Trading Platform

Novice crypto traders have plenty of questions – what amount should I invest and what percentage of it should I risk? Should I hire the services of a broker? What market signals should I look for? What currency pairs or CFDs should I trade?

Crypto Forex trading can be overwhelming, and there are plenty of decisions to take. However, some decisions are quite obvious and easy. And, one such decision is choosing the MT4 trading platform. If you are unfamiliar with the MT4 trading platform, then check out my beginner’s guide to help you get started.

Why Choose MetaTrader 4?

There are several trading platforms, but MT4 is the most popular and widely used. Traders all around the world have accepted this platform as the market standard and use it for a large number of trades. The MT4 trading platform offers several advanced technologies as well as enhanced securities that present traders with utmost benefits. 

MT4 comes pre-installed with over fifty technical indicators, and it has nine different time frames and three different charts. The MT4 platform has several key features that enable traders to monitor the market with accuracy. This helps traders time their entry and exits with precision.

10 Reasons to Use the MT4 Trading Platform:

1.  Intuitive User Experience

The MT4 trading platform has an easy-to-use interface that works well both for beginner traders and experienced traders. It has several features that make it easy to navigate the complex and volatile trading market with comfort and ease.

Additionally, MT4 has a robust mobile application, meaning you can perform your trades from any device. Whether you are using your home computer, laptop or mobile trading with MT4 is highly convenient.

2. Multiple Language Support

Apart from English, MT4 is available in a wide range of languages for the benefits of users from all across the world. Traders can conveniently access the features of the MT4 platform in their native language. 

3. Advanced Charts and Reports

Apart from the general features of MT4, what sets it apart from other trading platforms is its advanced charting capabilities. Using the advanced charts and reports generated by MT4 traders can quickly monitor and analyze the trade markets. 

The best part is that these charts are highly customizable. You can change the colours and styles of the charts; use a wide variety of templates to suit your specific preferences. By modifying the charts to your preferred style, you can easily read various functions and remove functions that don’t suit you. Thus, MT4 provides high levels of customization that boost your trading skills.  

4. Presence of Expert Advisors

This is another popular feature of MT4. The platform provides traders with access to a panel of expert advisors. This enables traders to automate their trades according to their specific portfolio requirements. The highly advanced algorithms of MT4 ensure that automated trades on the platform are successful and have a high likelihood of returns.

5. In-built Communication Tools

The MT4 platform has advanced communication tools that enable traders to post messages and issues instructions to brokers in real-time. These in-built communication tools eliminate the need for long and complex email threads, thereby providing traders and their brokers with an enhanced experience. The latest version of MT4, MT5 even allows for communications using email attachments, within the platform.

6. Minimum System Requirements

One of the biggest drawbacks of other trading platforms is that these software tools occupy plenty of disk space and require high computing power. Comparatively, MT4 is pretty light and requires minimal resources. It doesn’t disrupt the regular operations of your PC. This ensures that the platform doesn’t experience any lags and is able to react faster to trade requests. 

7. Availability of Profiles 

When you use the MT4 platform, you are required to set up a profile for you. Your profile stores key information about your trading activities right within the platform interface. Some of the details stored include – trading history, account balance, access details and more.

The MT4 platform also allows you to set up various profiles. You can then arrange the charts and windows for each profile in such a way, that you can track all key details with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can set up a separate profile for each market that you use, and switch seamlessly between profiles with ease.

8. Enhanced Security

Crypto CFD trading is a complex and sensitive process that requires utmost security. You need a secure platform that protects you from hackers and other malicious attacks. MT4 takes security quite seriously. It encrypts all data shared on the platform using a 129-bit key. Additionally, for every trade you make on the platform your IP address is completely concealed.

9. Flexibility

Another huge advantage of the MT4 platform is that it was designed for growth. It supports a growing list of currencies, cryptos, CFDs, equities and other commodities. It has the widest market presence in the world. So, irrespective of the commodity you are trading, you can easily find it on MT4.

10. Complete Customization

Apart from customization of the charts and reports, MT4 offers a full range of other customization features, to help you tailor the platform’s performance to meet your specific trading needs and suit your trading styles. 

Whether you are looking to develop your own technical indicators, build a team of expert advisors, MT4’s advanced MQL proprietary language will help you out. Additionally, MT4 has a worldwide community of active users, meaning you get instant support from other users. 

MT4 – The Standard Choice for CFD Crypto Trading 

As you can see, MT4 has evolved as the market standard, due to its wide range of benefits. There’s no doubt it’s the most advanced, popular and trustworthy trading platform on the market. The advanced features and customization, along with the friendly and intuitive user interface make it the right choice for all traders.

Are you ready to step up your CFD trading game with CashFinex and MT4? 


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