Mohsin Jameel – The Next Big Fish of the Cryptocurrency Market

An Entrepreneur to Watch Out For

Mohsin Jameel, the founder of the IT consultancy Bull Infotech and the man behind the newly launched cryptocurrency portal, Bitsolives, is one of those young British entrepreneurs who buzz with energy and new ideas. Way back, when cryptocurrency was an obscure term limited to geeky online communities, Mohsin took several steps to make this revolutionary new currency accessible to all.

He has a string of successful ventures in his name – Capital Consultant, Future Choise, Bombay Investment Group, Crown Family Care, Crown Coin are a few of the firms he heralded over his long, illustrious career. 

Recently, the former TradeNext CEO coined an agreement that makes it possible to tether the cryptocurrency products of Bitsolives directly with the MetaTrader 4 interface. This comes as happy news for FX brokers, who have been pushing for this move in the last few months.
Mohsin Jameel – Making Cryptocurrency Bigger & Mainstream

Right now, there’s no denying the fact that the demand for cryptocurrency is at an all-time high, especially with the peak prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last quarter of 2017. Today, more and more FX brokerage firms are beginning to include digital currencies in their offerings.
The CEO of Bull Infotech, UK looks to tap into this trend. His plan is to launch a platform that connects FX traders with crypto exchanges using the best of technology. 

Leveraging the Technological Edge of Bull Infotech
Bull Infotech, one of the top consultancy firms in the UK is a provider of a comprehensive range of software products and other IT services. The company’s IT suite played a crucial role in making the linking of cryptocurrency exchanges with Forex brokerages possible.
Accordingly, Bitsolives, a cryptocurrency portal based in Spain will provide users with access to the MT4. It can support crypto-pairs as well as other unusual Forex pairs with leading digital currencies.
The cornerstone of this cohesion will be a newly developed software tool from the house of Bull Infotech that integrates the Bitsolives crypto exchange with the MT4 platform. Apart from this, Bitsolives provides users with an alternative payment platform.
One of the biggest flaws of cryptocurrency trading is the lack of a secure and consistent payment platform. Mohsin was able to spot this drawback early on and hopes to dissipate it via the new tool offered by Bitsolives.

In an interview, Mohsin Jameel of Bull Infotech stated that very few companies in Europe and the rest of the world were focusing on building the right tools for Forex traders who are looking to step into the world of cryptocurrency. With the experience of Bull Infotech in this field, he aimed to capitalize on capturing this segment of the market.

As the leader of Bull Infotech, Mohsin Jameel has considerable experience in directing and managing large-scale IT applications across a wide range of industries. Apart from linking Forex traders with cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitsolives under the guidance of Mohsin is currently working on building a crypto-wallet. This wallet will provide traders and brokers from around the world with an alternate trusted payment channel.

With so many projects under his belt and a visionary plan for the future, we believe that Mohsin Jameel is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. We can’t wait to see what else this innovative entrepreneur has to deliver.


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